Percent growth vs. number of people, time period of interest, and size category can all give different answers.

About 8-9% of Florida households had an alternative fuel car, 5% had solar panels, and 87% had internet service.

Oil production has dwindled, but new “clean energy” technologies may increase Florida energy production and create jobs

Interdisciplinarity has been a consistent priority in academic research over the last several years. BEBR and the UF CTSI explored ways of designing a network intervention that promotes interdisciplinary research.

Poll results vary depending on whether “Common Core” is mentioned in the question wording.

Four different ways to measure population density for counties in Florida

Florida’s economy has been a frontrunner among states as the recovery chugs along

Asians were the fastest growing racial group in Florida since 2000
Blurry lines around people’s race and ethnicity cause questions about how to conduct surveys in a diverse state, with no easy answers.
In 1997, Mississippi’s gross state product per non-farm employee was 30% below Florida’s, but by 2012 the two states were even at 87% of the U.S. average. Is this an ongoing trend, a new lower level that will stabilize, or an aberration?