Four different ways to measure population density for counties in Florida

Florida’s economy has been a frontrunner among states as the recovery chugs along

Asians were the fastest growing racial group in Florida since 2000
Blurry lines around people’s race and ethnicity cause questions about how to conduct surveys in a diverse state, with no easy answers.
In 1997, Mississippi’s gross state product per non-farm employee was 30% below Florida’s, but by 2012 the two states were even at 87% of the U.S. average. Is this an ongoing trend, a new lower level that will stabilize, or an aberration?
The Florida Retirement System offers its beneficiaries either a defined benefit or a defined contribution plan, but which is better for taxpayers?
Retirees create jobs in Florida, but result in a lower skill job structure.

Imagine a Valentine from New York Taxpayers: “Thank You, Florida!”

For decades, demographers at BEBR have been producing Florida's official population estimates.

Internet sales taxes would make a difference to the state budget, because sales taxes are crucial to Florida.