Florida’s home values are near 20-year trend, but can monetary policy threaten this balance?

Of those who’ve made up their mind, most support ending special privileges for Cuban immigrants

A social network approach helps identify patterns of trade and facilitate management planning

A Florida statewide phone survey found that fewer than one out of 10 people has ever been in a health research study, and only 40% are interested in participating in research, twice as low as found in our program. The results indicate the power of Community Health Worke

Who are Florida’s elderly and what can we expect from them in future years? Florida’s seniors have always been an important component of the population and a major contributor to the state economy.

Retirement migration and the aging of Baby Boomers will dramatically raise the number of older Floridians

Floridian opinions on food stamp expenditure preferences are in line with recent national surveys, yet conclusions drawn by researchers may be incorrect.

Networks of co-cited authors or publications can be used to describe the evolution of the academic debate in specific disciplines or topics

Percent growth vs. number of people, time period of interest, and size category can all give different answers.

About 8-9% of Florida households had an alternative fuel car, 5% had solar panels, and 87% had internet service.