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New BEBR report analyzes Florida historical annual migration

Gainesville FL - In a special Florida Focus report issued today, BEBR researchers using U.S. Census Bureau data, examine annual migration trends in Florida from 1980 to 2008.

According to the report, "Florida has been one of the most rapidly growing states in the United States for many years, but growth rates have fluctuated considerably from one year to the next." In fact, growth rates have declined "from 44% in the 1970s to 33% in the 1980s, 24% in the 1990s, and a projected 18% between 2000 and 2010."

Does Crist Have the Numbers Right?

Is Governor Charlie Crist skewing the numbers on Florida's Consumer Sentiment rating?

Crist says Florida's Consumer Sentiment rating is on its way up and the state is on its way to economic recovery.

"We're having more revenue come into Florida into our treasury by $2.4-billion more. That only happens through sales tax. That means people are out there buying. That means Consumer Sentiment is up and things are going to start turning and we're grateful for that," says Crist.

1.1 million people unemployed in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Florida matched its highest-ever unemployment rate in January — 11.9 percent — with 1.1 million Floridians out of work.

Escambia County had 11.7 percent unemployment in January, up 0.6 points from December and 2.6 points higher than the year before. Wednesday's report said 16,456 were out of work in January.

Santa Rosa County had 10.9 percent unemployment in January, 0.9 points from December and 2.8 points higher than the year before. The state reported there were 7,723 out of work in January.

That may not be the worst of it.

Florida expected to start adding residents again after population decline

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — It’s a small bounce, but Florida’s population should rebound this year from its first loss in more than half a century in a hopeful sign for the struggling state economy, new estimates from the University of Florida show.

The Sunshine State is expected to add about 23,000 residents between April 1, 2009, and April 1, 2010, following a loss of almost 57,000 residents the previous year, according to population projections released today by UF’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

New home sales sink to a new low in January

Just when analysts thought the long housing slide was over, national figures for new home sales in January sank to another low, with numbers not seen since record-keeping began in 1963.

The 11.2 percent drop in sales of new homes from December surprised some experts who had expected the market to perk up after a dismal end-of-year showing.

Department of Commerce figures released Wednesday showed January's seasonally adjusted annual sales pace was 309,000 nationally. The previous record low for monthly sales was January 2009 with 329,000.

Florida’s high unemployment rate continues to hurt Consumer Sentiment

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida’s Consumer Sentiment fell in February by two points to 72, reflecting concerns about unemployment that is growing worse statewide even as it improves for the nation at large, according to a new University of Florida survey.

Florida Price Level Index 2009

The Florida Price Level Index (FPLI), established by the Legislature as the basis for the District Cost Differential (DCD) in the Florida Education Finance Program, is used to represent the costs of hiring equally qualified personnel across school districts.

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Dewey, James; Denslow, David; Irwin, Eve
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Florida Consumer Sentiment rises to highest level in more than two years

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida’s Consumer Sentiment unexpectedly rose in January by five points to 74, possibly a sign of post-holiday relief, according to a new University of Florida survey.

“The sharp rise was somewhat of a surprise,” said Chris McCarty, survey director of UF’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. “In the past we have seen similar jumps in the January index, perhaps in response to the financial stress associated with the holidays and the economic turbulence of the past year.”

Recession over, but not to some Florida lawmakers

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— Three renowned economists agree Florida's boom days are over and that the state's recovery from the recession is likely to take awhile.

Economist Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute said Thursday that Florida is one of the states facing difficulty going forward following a 20-month national recession that wreaked "an astonishing period of economic misery."

Hassett told lawmakers that even if the recession was declared over in August, the risk of calamity remains.

"Gloomy," state Sen. Evelyn Lynn, R-Ormond Beach, said afterward. "What to do?"

Fla. population shrinking or expanding? Not even movers or demographers agree on stats

MANATEE — Are more people moving out of Florida than moving in from other states?

Yes, one national moving company said in a report released Monday.

No, said another national mover that also released a similar report.

Both are probably right, but it’s more complex than just counting shipments, a state researcher said.

Atlas Van Lines said it handled 4,847 moves into Florida and 5,419 moves out of the state in 2009, the fourth consecutive year that departures outnumbered arrivals for the company.

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