Escambia County

Statistics show trying times ahead

To get a real sense of just how much hard work has to be done to fire up Escambia County's economy, take a look at the latest numbers from the Florida Statistical Abstract.

This is data drawn from the 2010 U.S. Census results and the Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Overall, Escambia County's economic profile fares poorly when compared with the 25 largest counties in the Sunshine State. These top 25 counties constitute 85 percent of the state's population; Escambia ranks 18th on that list, with a population of in excess of 303,000.

1.1 million people unemployed in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Florida matched its highest-ever unemployment rate in January — 11.9 percent — with 1.1 million Floridians out of work.

Escambia County had 11.7 percent unemployment in January, up 0.6 points from December and 2.6 points higher than the year before. Wednesday's report said 16,456 were out of work in January.

Santa Rosa County had 10.9 percent unemployment in January, 0.9 points from December and 2.8 points higher than the year before. The state reported there were 7,723 out of work in January.

That may not be the worst of it.

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