Hernando County

Census: Florida is getting younger

Florida, once the nation's oldest state, is losing some of its gray.

Thanks to a lull in retiree migration and an increase in working-age adults, Florida has dropped three places to become the fifth-oldest state in the nation, according to census data released Thursday.

Pasco County tops Florida in household income growth since 2000

If you feel poorer than a decade ago, you're not lonely in the Tampa Bay area, fresh data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows. Three of five local counties saw drops in household income, with Pinellas leading the way. Pasco, on the other hand, claims bragging rights statewide. Its household income growth topped all Florida counties. What's the deal?

Population growth continues to stagger

BROOKSVILLE - The housing collapse has had a substantial effect on population growth in Hernando County and across Florida.

After all the years of planning and preparation for continued development, at least one local politician thinks Hernando is ready for the next boom.

County Commissioner Dave Russell said the slumping housing market might have dampened expectations for some, but he thinks significant year-to-year growth is still going to happen somewhere down the line.

Hernando's population holds steady while other counties slip

While other counties in Florida are facing losses in population, Hernando County is holding its own with each year.

Highlands County is one of those counties in the losing bracket. The county's overall population, out of its three municipalities, lost a net of .11 percent or 96 people between 2008 and 2009, according to a report recently released by the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

State reports drop in unemployment

Pinellas County's unemployment rate for April is down nearly a full percentage point, according to the latest figures from the Florida Agency of Workforce Innovation.

April's rate was 11.5 percent, compared to March when 12.4 percent of the county's labor force was looking for a job.

In April, 51,629 of the county's labor force of 447,989 were looking for a job. In March, 55,693 out of a labor force of 450,195 were unemployed.

Tampa-St. Pete television market shrinks, falls behind Seattle

Florida’s first population contraction since World War II is now affecting how advertisers see the Tampa-St. Petersburg market for the upcoming television season.

Nielsen Media Research said four of Florida’s major television markets – Tampa, Miami, Fort Myers and Tallahassee – are down in the overall ranking of designated market areas because of declines in domestic migration.

Home prices drop 41.5% in 3 years

BROOKSVILLE - There has been a 41.5 percent decline in the average sales price of a single-family home in the past three years, according to new information from the property appraiser's office. That is a "sobering" statistic, said Nick Nikkinen, director of special projects for the property appraiser's office. Property Appraiser Alvin Mazourek said he has been property appraiser since 1997, and this is the first year he's seen any significant value drops in terms of home prices that affect tax assessments. "I've never seen the market like this," he said.

Retailers expected to take hard hit

SPRING HILL — Every day Robin Street goes to work at Linens 'n Things, she is surrounded by the reality of her future. Plastered everywhere, big and small, red and yellow, the signs scream: "Going Out of Business Sale."

They serve as beacons to bargain shoppers. But to Street, who has spent 30 years in the retail field, they signal something much different: impending unemployment.

"I'm not sure what's next," the 51-year-old Spring Hill resident said earlier this week. "No one is hiring. It's bad in Hernando County."

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