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UF: Florida consumers remain mildly optimistic

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Consumer Sentiment among Floridians dropped one point in February to 76 from January, according to a University of Florida survey. The modest decline followed two months of rising levels of confidence in the economy.

Women gaining ground as dominant demographic

THE VILLAGES — She is around 67.8 years of age, and the numbers of her demographic the past 10 years grew proportionally faster in The Villages than those of her male counterpart. Meet Heide Eide and her fun Village of Largo friends and neighbors — Jane Gracan, Carmela D’Aloisio and Susan Sarlo — the face of The Villages, newly released 2010 census data suggests. At age 67, Eide fits perfectly into the median age bracket for women in The Villages Census Designated Place, the U.S. Census Bureau announced this morning in an embargoed information release.

Census: Manatee less white since 2000

MANATEE — Manatee County has become slightly younger, a little more masculine, more racially diverse and a lot more Hispanic so far this decade, according to Census estimates to be released today.

The county’s Hispanic and Asian populations have nearly doubled, its median age has fallen by a few months and males narrowed their numerical gap with females between 2000 and mid-2008, the figures show.

The Census’ July 1, 2008, statistical snapshot of Manatee largely mirrored Florida, which has steadily become more ethnically and racially diverse, demographers said.

Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation and Family Size in Mexico City

Developments in economic theory over the last 20 years have placed decisions regarding female labor force participation (FLFP) and fertility within a model of household decision making (HDM). In this one period, static model utility is a function of child services (including both number and quality of children), market goods and services, and leisure. At the outset of their marriage a husband and wife adopt a utility-maximizing lifetime plan of fertility, market work, nonmarket activities, and consumption of goods and services, subject to income and time constraints.

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