Initial Unemployment Claims in Florida 2014-01-26 to 2014-02-01

Coverage Start: 
Sunday, January 26, 2014
Coverage End: 
Saturday, February 1, 2014

Florida’s initial claims for unemployment insurance for the week ending February 1st fell 9.81% from the previous week. This is the third consecutive week of decreases. After seasonal adjustment, claims fell 14.35% from the week prior to 11,897 claims. Seasonally adjusted data is used to evaluate changes because national seasonal factors partially explain changes in Florida’s labor force. The combination of recent decreases in claims filed and a lower level of claims this week produced a decline in the four-week average, which fell 406 claims to 16,271 claims. After a 23.44% increase in continued claims last week, continued claims fell 9.75% this week to finish at 104,992 claims. Following this, the insured unemployment rate fell 0.16 percentage points to 1.44%. Lastly, the number of initial claims per 1000 eligible fell from 1.94 to 1.75.