Taxable Sales Index 2013-11-01 to 2013-11-30

Economic Indicator: 
Taxable Sales Index
Release Date: 
Thu, 02/13/2014
Coverage Start: 
Fri, 11/01/2013
Coverage End: 
Sat, 11/30/2013

Current: 102.18
Previous: 101.24

Florida’s index of retail activity in November – obtained from taxable sales data – increased 0.87% from the month prior and 4.88% from a year ago. Before being adjusted by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the taxable sales index increased 0.97% from October and 6.22% from November 2012. Of the six spending categories, three decreased and three increased from the previous month. Month-over-month losses ranged from 1.51% (automobile) to 6.48% (construction). However, two of the categories which decreased, construction and business sales, are not included in the index. Compared to a year ago, all categories increased with gains ranging from 3.99% (nondurables) to 14.59% (construction). Overall, total taxable sales gained 3.70% from October and 6.59% from a year ago. Of Florida’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), month-over-month changes ranged from an increase of 1.81% (Ft. Lauderdale) to a loss of 1.82% (Ft. Walton Beach). Year-over-year gains ranged from 12.61% (Naples) to 2.20% (Gainesville).