BEBR evaluates population estimates compared to census counts

The Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) Population Program has had a contract with the Florida Legislature since 1972 to produce annual population estimates for all cities, counties, and unincorporated areas within the state. These estimates are used for a wide variety of purposes by businesses, research analyst, and state and local governments. Furthermore, they are used for allocating more than $2 billion each year to city and county governments through Florida's revenue-sharing programs. Given their many uses, it is essential to evaluate the accuracy of these estimates.

In a recent report published by the BEBR Population Program, researchers describe the methodology used for making state and local population estimates in Florida and evaluate the accuracy of the 2010 estimates by comparing them with the results of the 2010 census. They also evaluate the accuracy of previous BEBR estimates and estimates produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The result of their findings can be viewed in the full report located at