Population Studies Program

Population Change from 2010 to 2013

image/svg+xml Population Change 2010 - 2013 Greater than 2% + Between 1 to 1.99% Between 0.5 - .99% Between 0 - .49% Negative Change

The Population Program produces Florida’s official city, county and state population estimates each year. It also produces population projections by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin for the state and each county.

Staff members conduct research on the accuracy of population estimates and projections, seasonal migration, the effects of hurricanes on population growth and a variety of other demographic topics.

2013 Population Estimates

Download the most recent BEBR Population Estimates (2013).

2013 Population Estimates

County Population Data

City Population Data

Florida Population Data

Florida Population Estimate (2013)
% Chg (2010'-13')
Net Migration

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