Research Reports - Articles

Publication Datesort icon Title Author(s) File
10/01/2014 Population Projections by Age for Florida and its Counties: Assessing Accuracy and the Impact of Adjustments Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Stanley K. Rayer and Smith (2014) - PRPR.pdf
03/01/2012 Population Aging, Disability, and Housing Accessibility: Implications for Sub-national Areas in the United States Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Eleanor; Wang, Zhenglian; Zeng, Yi Smith et al. (2012) - HS.pdf
07/29/2011 Evaluation of Population Forecast Errors for Florida and Its Counties, 1980 – 2010 Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan Download report
06/27/2011 Evaluation of Population Estimates in Florida: April 1, 2010 Smith, Stanley K.; Cody, Scott Download Report
04/01/2011 Evaluating Population Forecast Accuracy: A Regression Approach Using County Data Tayman, Jeff; Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan Tayman, Smith, and Rayer (2011) - PRPR.pdf
02/24/2011 Jacksonville: Choosing a Future — detailed version Holt, Lynne Download Report
12/01/2010 Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Subcounty Population Forecasts Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Stanley K. Rayer and Smith (2010) - JPER.pdf
02/01/2009 Fleeing the storm(s): An examination of evacuation behavior during Florida’s 2004 hurricane season Smith, Stanley K.; McCarty, Chris Download Report
01/01/2009 Empirical prediction intervals for county population forecasts Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Stanley K.; Tayman, Jeff Download Report
07/02/2008 Aging and Disability Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Eleanor A. Download Report
07/11/2007 Temporary migration: A case study of Florida Smith, Stanley K.; House, Mark Download Report
06/23/2007 Precision, bias, and uncertainty for state population forecasts: An exploratory analysis of time series models Tayman, Jeff; Smith, Stanley K.; Lin, Jeffrey Download Report
03/27/2007 Population forecast accuracy: Does the choice of summary measure of error matter? Rayer, Stefan Download Report
08/01/2006 Investigating the variation of personal network size under unknown error conditions Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; McCarty, Christopher; Johnsen, Eugene C.; Shelly, Gene A. Download Report
05/01/2006 Effort in phone survey response rates McCarty, Christopher; House, Mark; Harman, Jeffrey; Richards, Scott Download Report