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Publication Datesort icon Title Author(s) File
03/15/2010 An Analysis of Annual Migration Flows in Florida, 1980 – 2008 Smith, Stanley K.; Cody, Scott Download Report
01/26/2010 Florida Price Level Index 2009 Dewey, James; Denslow, David; Irwin, Eve Download Report
10/18/2009 The 2010 Census: How It's Done and Why It Matters Stanley K. Smith Download Report
05/15/2009 Battleground Voters: Partisanship, Issues, and Retrospective Evaluations in Florida 2008 Martinez, Michael D. Download Report
05/01/2009 Increasing Florida’s Sales Tax Revenue from Internet Purchases Holt, Lynne; Lotfinia, Babak Download Report
02/03/2009 Florida Price Level Index 2008 Dewey, James; Denslow, David; Lotfinia, Babak Download Report
02/01/2009 Fleeing the storm(s): An examination of evacuation behavior during Florida’s 2004 hurricane season Smith, Stanley K.; McCarty, Chris Download Report
01/01/2009 Empirical prediction intervals for county population forecasts Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Stanley K.; Tayman, Jeff Download Report
11/01/2008 Consumers' Attitude toward Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency: The Role of Electric Rates Holt, Lynne; Larson, Carol Jacobson FloridaFocus4_4_2008.pdf
11/01/2008 An Examination of the Determinants of Population Forecast Errors for Counties Tayman, Jeff; Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan Download Report
10/30/2008 An Evaluation of Subcounty Population Forecasts in Florida Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan Download Report
07/02/2008 Aging and Disability Smith, Stanley K.; Rayer, Stefan; Smith, Eleanor A. Download Report
06/11/2008 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2007 Bureau of Economic and Business Research Download Report
04/01/2008 Four Generations: Building Relationships and Community Colburn, David; Leverty, Lynn Download Report
03/01/2008 Inter-city Compensating Wage Differentials and Intra-city Workplace Centralization Dewey, Jim; Rojas, Gabriel M. Inter-city_Compensating_Wage.pdf