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10/07/2003 Transportation Issues: Pedestrian Safety Dewey, James F.; Denslow, David; Lenze, David; Irwin, Eve Download Report
09/01/2003 Differences in response rates using most recent versus final dispositions in telephone surveys McCarty, Christopher Download Report
07/01/2003 Transportation Issues: Intermodal Transportation Dewey, James F. Download Report
01/11/2003 Time-series Estimates of Pension Benefits by State 1967-2000 Lenze, David G. Download Report
01/01/2003 Florida Price Level Index 2002 Bureau of Economic and Business Research Download Report
01/01/2003 Small-Area Analysis Smith, Stanley K. Download Report
01/01/2003 Business Demography Smith, Stanley K.; Morrison, Peter A. Download Report
11/01/2002 A regression approach to estimating the average number of persons per household Smith, Stanley K.; Nogel, June; Cody, Scott Download Report
10/19/2002 Mini-rallies at Super Wal-Mart: Measuring the Effectiveness of Janet Reno's "Red Truck Tour" Floyd, Susan S.; Trammell, Kaye; Williams, Andrew Paul Download Report
10/10/2002 An Evaluation of Population Estimates in Florida: April 1, 2000 Smith, Stanley K.; Cody, Scott Download Report
10/08/2002 Consumer Sentiment In Ghana And Its Implications For Survey-Based Economic Indicators in Africa McCarty, Christopher; Attafuah, John Download Report
09/30/2002 The Response of Railroad and Truck Freight Shipments to Optimal Excess Capacity Subsidies and Externality Taxes Dewey, James F.; Denslow, David; Lenze, David; Irwin, Eve Download Report
08/01/2002 Florida Long-Term Economic Forecast - 2002 (Discontinued) Lenze, David G. Long-Term Forecast
03/29/2002 Transportation Issues: Insights for Florida's History Dewey, James F.; Denslow, David; Herndon, Jill Boylston; Irwin, Eve Download Report
03/28/2002 Reports on Trends and Conditions Research: The Impact of the Internet on Transportation in Florida Dewey, James F.; Denslow, Denslow; Herndon, Jill Boylston; Irwin, Eve Download Report