Survey Research Center

The University of Florida Survey Research Center's mission is to collect data and conduct statistical research on economic, demographic, and business trends in Florida.

Our lab conducts an assortment of surveys, the majority of which are commissioned by agencies within the State of Florida. The UFSRC is one of the largest university-based survey programs in the country.

Face/Face Survey
Web Survey
Mail Survey
Telephone Survey

Quality Control Training
  1. Live Call Monitoring Detail
    • Assistant supervisors listen to calls during a shift
  2. Monitoring Past Calls
    • Supervisors listen to previously-recorded calls

Factors of influence in survey costs

  1. Effect of Population
    • How easy it is to identify, locate and/or select the group being studied?
  2. Effect of Mode
    • Type of survey - telephone, mailout, etc. can affect survey cost.
  3. Effect of Length
    • Generally, a shorter survey = lower costs.
  4. Effect of Sample
    • Sample type (Random Digital Dial vs Listed Sample) and quality can have a substantial affect.
  5. Effect of Subject/Salience
    • What is the survey about? How important is it to the respondent? Surveys with threatening questions may increase costs.