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07/01/2003 Transportation Issues: Intermodal Transportation Other Research
09/01/2003 Differences in response rates using most recent versus final dispositions in telephone surveys Articles
10/07/2003 Transportation Issues: Pedestrian Safety Other Research
10/17/2003 Florida's Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation Waiver Other Research
11/01/2003 An evaluation of population projections by age Journal Article
11/14/2003 A Micro-location Model of Public Investment in Pedestrian Safety Capital Other Research
01/01/2004 Florida Price Level Index 2003 Other Research
01/01/2004 An evaluation of population estimates in Florida: April 1, 2000 Journal Article
03/01/2004 Research on the Florida Education Finance Program-The FPLI, the Sparsity Supplement, and Discretionary Millage Other Research
03/01/2004 Population Projections Book Chapter
04/01/2004 Confidence Intervals for Population Forecasts: A Case Study of Time Series Models for States Conference Paper
09/01/2004 An evaluation of Hispanic population estimates Journal Article
10/14/2004 Assessing the Accuracy of Trend Extrapolation Methods for Population Projections: The Long View Conference Paper
10/20/2004 Social network analysis Articles
02/01/2005 A modified elicitation of personal networks using dynamic visualization Articles
03/18/2005 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2004 Other Research
03/18/2005 Florida Price Level Index 2004 Other Research
05/01/2005 Small-Area and Business Demography Book Chapter
06/01/2005 Doing Business in Florida: Florida Statistical Data Resources Other Research
06/01/2005 Florida Population Growth: Past, Present and Future Research Report
07/01/2005 The Demographic Impact of The 2004 Hurricane Season In Florida Research Report
10/01/2005 Tough choices: Shaping Florida's Future Books And Chapters
10/01/2005 Florida’s 2004 Hurricane Season: Local Effects Research Report
02/02/2006 Florida Price Level Index 2005 Other Research
02/15/2006 Snowbirds, Sunbirds, and Stayers: Seasonal migration of elderly adults in Florida Journal Article
04/01/2006 Florida’s Population Center Migrates through History Research Report
05/01/2006 Effort in phone survey response rates Research Report
08/01/2006 Investigating the variation of personal network size under unknown error conditions Articles
11/02/2006 Florida’s 2004 Hurricane Season: Demographic Response and Recovery Research Report
11/22/2006 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2005 Other Research
02/01/2007 Economic Aspects of Potential Legal Challenges to Save Our Homes Portability Proposals Florida Focus
02/01/2007 The Florida Housing Boom Florida Focus
02/22/2007 Florida Price Level Index 2006 Other Research
03/01/2007 An Inter-urban Wage Test of the Monocentric Model Other Research
03/27/2007 Population forecast accuracy: Does the choice of summary measure of error matter? Journal Article
06/01/2007 Soaring House Prices and Wages of Local Government Employees Florida Focus
06/23/2007 Precision, bias, and uncertainty for state population forecasts: An exploratory analysis of time series models Research Report
07/11/2007 Temporary migration: A case study of Florida Journal Article
08/17/2007 Analytical Services Relating to Property Taxation – PART 2: Revenue Component Other Research
10/11/2007 Aging and Disability: Implications for the Housing Industry and Public Policy in the United States Conference Paper