Florida and the World: The State of Business Opportunities Worldwide

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Monday, November 4, 2013
  • Justin Quinn

The Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida, in partnership with the University's Center for European Studies, created an easily accessible database summarizing key economic data on trade and trade horizons between Florida, Europe and Latin America. Employing a carefully selected collection of indicators and data sources from the world's leading experts on international trade, this database allows for experts and lay persons alike to quickly assess crucial information regarding the state of trade in a given country, and potential issues of importance which should be considered.

Designed with ease of navigation in mind, the database seamlessly weaves together information from the World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau, and other leading sources of information on world trade. Indicators include overall imports and exports of each country included in the database, as well as the top five imports and exports by country to Florida. Data on major agricultural and industrial production for each country is also listed, along with important interest and exchange rates. Perhaps most importantly, a detailed analysis of socio- political issues is included to provide a broader picture of what potential and unfolding events may impact business both positively and negatively in a given location. Finally, the database includes crucial information necessary to understand what starting and conducting business in a given country is actually like, from start- up costs to investor protections, credit availability, and shipping costs.

Source: Florida Chamber Foundation

A number of coinciding events suggest important changes are underway regarding the future of international trade in the State of Florida. Several new free trade agreements with Panama, Columbia and South Korea , the expansion of Latin American and Caribbean markets, the widening of the Panama Canal, and Florida's unique location in relation to both the east- west and north- south international shipping lanes places the importance of accurate and easy- to- access information at the forefront . Strong economic and population growth in the southeastern U.S. and increasing ties with rising economies in India, eastern and southern Africa, and other parts of the world present opportunities for strengthening trade between Florida and the rest of the world. With these developments unfolding rapidly, it is more important than ever to have the tools to make precise information available for Floridians seeking to invest overseas and foreign investors seeking to do business in Florida.

Source: Thomas Romer/OpenStreetMap

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