Web App

An increasing number of researchers, faculty, and staff at the University of Florida have recently been interested in visualizing and analyzing the pattern of scientific collaborations at UF, as well as in specific UF departments, colleges, or research centers. This web page allows you to generate a report on the network of scientific collaborations in any given group of individuals in the university, provided that each individual is identified by a UFID.

This report will generate a Zip file containting a PDF report that will show you the position of your group of researchers in the UF network. The report will provide you with a number of metrics that describe the pattern of scientific collaborations within the group, and between the group and the rest of UF. This application uses Social Network Analysis visualization tools and metrics to answer questions such as: How much do this group's members collaborate with each other? How much do they collaborate with the rest of UF? What colleges or academic units do they work the most with? Where are they in the UF network map?

The networks represented and analyzed here are constructed from data about UF publications and grants as collected and kindly provided by UF VIVO and the UF Division of Sponsored Programs. This project is supported by the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute and by the UF Bureau of Economic and Business Research. You can find more information about the concepts and methods that underlie this project here.

Please note, this report will take 5-10 minutes to process