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06/27/2019 Population Projections by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin for Florida and Its Counties, 2020–2045, With Estimates for 2018
04/02/2019 Projections of Florida Population by County, 2020–2045, with Estimates for 2018
01/04/2019 Florida Estimates of Population 2018
12/21/2018 Florida Number of Households and Average Household Size 2018
10/03/2018 Estimating the Migration of Puerto Ricans to Florida Using Flight Passenger Data

Percent Population Change from 2010 to 2018

2018 Population Estimates

Download the most recent BEBR Population Estimates (2018).

County Estimates & Projections

City Estimates

Florida Population Data

Florida Population Estimate (2018)
Change (2010'-18')
Percent Change
2020 Projection: 21,526,500
2030 Projection: 24,357,000
2040 Projection: 26,492,000

The Population Program produces Florida's official city, county and state population estimates each year. it also produces population projections by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin for the state and each county.
Staff members conduct research on the accuracy of population estimates and projections , seasonal migration, the effects of hurricanes on population growth and a variety of other demographic topics. We offer professional services in these areas with geospatial analysis. Click here for more information.