Population Aging, Disability, and Housing Accessibility: Implications for Sub-national Areas in the United States

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The older population in many countries is large and growing rapidly, raising the number of people with disabilities and driving up the need for accessible housing. In a previous
study, we projected the number of households in the United States with at least one disabled resident and estimated the probability that a newly built single-family detached
unit will house at least one disabled resident during its expected lifetime. In this study, we extend our analysis to the subnational level by constructing similar estimates and
projections for four states that differ widely on two characteristics affecting the need for accessible housing: age structure and disability rates. The results vary from state to state,
but all four display a substantial need for accessible housing. We urge homebuilders, planners, and policy makers to account for this need when building new homes and making modifications to the current housing stock.

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