The Demographic Impact of The 2004 Hurricane Season In Florida

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Friday, July 1, 2005

By most measures, the 2004 hurricane season was the worst in Florida’s history. Four hurricanes blasted through the state between August 13 and September 25, with Charley making landfall on the southwest coast near Punta Gorda, Frances on the southeast coast near Stuart, Ivan in the panhandle near Pensacola, and Jeanne nearly retracing the route followed by Frances. This was the first time in recorded history that four hurricanes had struck Florida in a single year. Most parts of the state were hit by at least one of the hurricanes and some were hit by two or even three. Overall, the storms were blamed for at least 80 deaths in Florida and caused more than $20 billion in damages. In this issue of Florida Focus, we discuss some of the major findings of surveys conducted by BEBR of permanent residents living in Florida when the first of the hurricanes struck.

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