Florida Population Growth: Past, Present and Future

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

There are many "Floridas." There are the farms and small towns of north Florida, with families that have lived there for generations; the booming commercial and industrial areas of central Florida, creating new jobs and attracting young workers and their families from all over the United States; the retirement villages of southwest Florida, bringing thousands of snowbirds and retirees from northern states each year; and the enclaves of foreign-born residents in southeast Florida, bringing cultural diversity and a melting-pot ambiance to the region. Florida is not a single entity but rather a composite of many diverse parts, each with its own unique identity. These parts are tied together by a common thread: rapid population growth. Florida has been one of the most rapidly growing states in the nation for many years and is expected to continue growing rapidly in the future. Although some parts of the state have grown more rapidly than others, no part has completely escaped the effects of rapid population growth. Population growth and demographic change have had an impact on virtually every aspect of life in Florida, and no social, political, environmental, or economic issue can be understood without a firm grasp of the state's population dynamics.

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