Our Track Record

At the UFSRC, most of our projects come from client referrals, when investigators recommend us to other researchers in need of high-quality survey research services.

  • “…Furthermore, the timeliness, completion rates, and response rates for these survey projects have consistently met expectations. The UFSRC conducted these surveys to specifications in both English and Spanish. Quality control protocols were consistently followed, including the monitoring of live and recorded calls, and prompt implementation of recommended changes in response to our feedback.”
  • “Response rates were in line with other Florida surveys. Your organization has completed thousands of interviews per year for this project with over 9,800 completes in the most recent year of data collection. Deadlines were met promptly, and your team was responsive when we had a question or needed a custom report. We have confidently recommended your services to other investigators at UF, and will continue to do so.”
  • “Attempting recontact a year later and working with this population, we were unsure of an effective protocol going in. But it turned out to be a success, thanks to your collaboration and willingness to attempt a variety of strategies that might boost response….Congratulations on a job well done. I am sure we will be calling again for our future survey needs.”
  • "The UFSRC was critical to the successful completion of our project. We were able to achieve a remarkably high completion rate in a vulnerable population because of the knowledge, skill, professionalism and commitment of the UFSRC staff. These qualities contributed to the credibility of our research findings and allowed us to reach target accrual on schedule."


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