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UFSRC Personnel

Survey Research

Christopher McCarty, Ph.D.

Bureau Director



Scott Richards, M.A.

BEBR Associate Director

352-392-2908 ext. 103


Joshua Tippery, B.A.S.

Field Director

352-392-2908 ext 125


Perry Leibovitz, B.A.

Project Manager

(352)392-2908 ext. 102


UFSRC Shift Supervisors

UFSRC has a cohort of 10 shift supervisors, including at least 2 Spanish speakers. The supervisors manage data collection during every hour that the lab is open, assigning interviewers to studies as appropriate, solving problems, and live-monitoring interviews. Depending on how busy the shift is, they are assisted by up to two assistant supervisors. In addition, every supervisor has additional tasks. Some are evaluators who listen to a random selection of recorded interviews. Some work in hiring or training.


UFSRC Interviewers

At any given time, there are up to 200 interviewers, working a minimum of 15 hours a week. About half are UF students, but our interviewer corps also includes retirees and those looking for a second job in the evenings. They receive training and coaching throughout a 90-day mentoring period, and are required to maintain levels of productivity. Our innovative scheduling system allows interviewers to set their own schedule and earn time off.



Correct programming is at the heart of our surveys administered by phone, in-person, or via the web. The programming in CATI, CAPI and web-based surveys allows complex “skip patterns” that customize the experience for each survey respondent, reducing the overall burden for any one participant and asking appropriate questions (never asking men about their pap smears). It also allows experiments in question wording, such as randomizing whether people are asked about “climate change” or “global warming.” Programming is also crucial in data output and having the cleanest possible file for analysis. We have a team of programmers and someone on call whenever a new study is fielded.

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