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05/30/2018 Creative solutions to elusive data: web-scraping online police reports to map co-offending networks in US cities Website Article
05/02/2018 Strong Conservative Support for Governor Scott to Keep his Promise to Protect LGBT State Workers and Contractors Articles
02/28/2018 Floridians’ Views on the European Union and the Transatlantic Partnership Articles
02/09/2018 Growth of the Puerto Rican Population in Florida and on the U.S. Mainland Website Article
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/03/2018 Collecting and Analyzing Big Data on a Small Budget Website Article
12/01/2017 Economic Impact of the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season Website Article
11/01/2017 Florida Water Use and Conservation Website Article
10/13/2017 Florida’s Declining SAT Scores Website Article
09/21/2017 Demographic Factors Driving the Growth of the Asian Population in Florida Website Article
08/31/2017 Arts and Wellbeing Indicators Project: Assessing the Associations between Arts Participation and Community Wellbeing in Florida Website Article
08/07/2017 How Was That Survey Conducted? The Need for Transparency of Research Methods Website Article
07/11/2017 Using Geospatial Models for Estimating and Projecting Population for Small Areas Website Article
06/14/2017 Potential Drivers of the Florida Crime Decline Website Article
05/23/2017 A 10-year Overview on Florida’s Real Wages Website Article
05/03/2017 Foreign In-Migration from the Americas, 2005-2015 Website Article
04/10/2017 Do Unemployment and High School Dropout Affect Crime in Florida? Website Article
03/20/2017 Constitution Revision Commission: Little Known but Great Potential Website Article
03/02/2017 The Legalization of Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Florida’s Economy Website Article
02/15/2017 Home Ownership in Florida: Why it Matters and What Floridians Think Website Article
01/23/2017 Florida Price Level Index 2016 Research Report
01/18/2017 Use of Urgent Care Centers and Hospital Emergency Rooms: A Cross-sectional Survey of Floridians Website Article
12/01/2016 Brazil’s Economy and its Effect on Florida Website Article
10/27/2016 Note to Presidential Nominees: What Florida Voters Care About Website Article
10/19/2016 Do Floridians Value Scientific Research? Website Article
09/29/2016 Happy People, Happy Neighborhood: Happiness and Sense of Community Among Florida Residents Website Article
09/23/2016 A personal network approach to the study of immigrant structural assimilation and transnationalism. Social Networks. (2017) Journal Article
09/15/2016 Florida’s Changing Business Model Website Article
08/17/2016 Why Do People Commute to Other Counties to Work? Website Article
07/22/2016 Mixing Modes in Survey Administration Website Article
06/24/2016 Florida Greatly Affected by Changes in Overtime Rule Website Article
06/08/2016 Polk County Healthcare Study: An Economic Analysis of Polk County’s Indigent Health Care Tax and Safety Net Program Research Report
05/13/2016 Where are Floridians’ Opinions at the Intersection of Energy, Environment, and Education? Website Article
04/15/2016 Foreign In-Migration to Florida, 2005–2014 Website Article
03/08/2016 Differing Perceptions of Climate Change and Global Warming Among Floridians Website Article
02/10/2016 Trends in Florida Labor Force Participation Website Article
01/22/2016 Natural Decrease in Florida Website Article
12/30/2015 Florida Price Level Index 2015 Research Report