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10/03/2018 Estimating the Migration of Puerto Ricans to Florida Using Flight Passenger Data Research Report
10/03/2018 Estimating the Migration of Puerto Ricans to Florida Using Flight Passenger Data Research Report
02/09/2018 Growth of the Puerto Rican Population in Florida and on the U.S. Mainland Website Article
09/21/2017 Demographic Factors Driving the Growth of the Asian Population in Florida Website Article
07/11/2017 Using Geospatial Models for Estimating and Projecting Population for Small Areas Website Article
05/03/2017 Foreign In-Migration from the Americas, 2005-2015 Website Article
04/15/2016 Foreign In-Migration to Florida, 2005–2014 Website Article
01/22/2016 Natural Decrease in Florida Website Article
08/06/2015 The Aging of Florida Website Article
06/10/2015 Domestic Migration to Florida Before, During, and After the Great Recession Website Article
02/25/2015 The Baby Boom and the Aging of Florida’s Population Website Article
02/17/2015 Demographic Techniques: Small-area Estimates and Projections Book Chapter
01/06/2015 What Is Florida’s Fastest Growing Florida City? It Depends. Website Article
10/30/2014 Measuring Population Density for Counties in Florida Website Article
10/01/2014 Population Projections by Age for Florida and its Counties: Assessing Accuracy and the Impact of Adjustments Journal Article
08/27/2014 Asians in Florida Website Article
01/23/2014 Behind the Numbers: The Population Estimation Process Website Article
03/11/2013 Trends in Florida's Population Growth, 2000 to 2012 Website Article
01/11/2013 Making the Housing Unit Method Work: An Evaluation of 2010 Population Estimates in Florida Journal Article
11/15/2012 County-to-county migration in Florida, 2005-2009 Website Article
06/11/2012 Florida's Population Center Migrates through History Website Article
04/03/2012 Births, Deaths, and Natural Increase in Florida Website Article
03/01/2012 Population Aging, Disability, and Housing Accessibility: Implications for Sub-national Areas in the United States Journal Article
07/29/2011 Evaluation of Population Forecast Errors for Florida and Its Counties, 1980 – 2010 Research Report
04/01/2011 Evaluating Population Forecast Accuracy: A Regression Approach Using County Data Journal Article
12/01/2010 Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Subcounty Population Forecasts Journal Article
03/15/2010 An Analysis of Annual Migration Flows in Florida, 1980 – 2008 Research Report
10/18/2009 The 2010 Census: How It's Done and Why It Matters Conference Paper
02/01/2009 Fleeing the storm(s): An examination of evacuation behavior during Florida’s 2004 hurricane season Journal Article
01/01/2009 Empirical prediction intervals for county population forecasts Journal Article
11/01/2008 An Examination of the Determinants of Population Forecast Errors for Counties Conference Paper
10/30/2008 An Evaluation of Subcounty Population Forecasts in Florida Conference Paper
07/02/2008 Aging and Disability Journal Article
02/08/2008 Population Forecast Errors: A Primer for Planners Journal Article
10/11/2007 Aging and Disability: Implications for the Housing Industry and Public Policy in the United States Conference Paper
07/11/2007 Temporary migration: A case study of Florida Journal Article
06/23/2007 Precision, bias, and uncertainty for state population forecasts: An exploratory analysis of time series models Research Report
03/27/2007 Population forecast accuracy: Does the choice of summary measure of error matter? Journal Article
11/02/2006 Florida’s 2004 Hurricane Season: Demographic Response and Recovery Research Report
04/01/2006 Florida’s Population Center Migrates through History Research Report