Research Reports - Articles

Publication Date Titlesort icon Author(s) File
09/01/2004 An evaluation of Hispanic population estimates Smith, Stanley K.; Nogle, June M. Download Report
01/01/2004 An evaluation of population estimates in Florida: April 1, 2000 Smith, Stanley K.; Cody, Scott Download Report
11/01/2003 An evaluation of population projections by age Smith, Stanley K.; Tayman, Jeff Download Report
09/01/2003 Differences in response rates using most recent versus final dispositions in telephone surveys McCarty, Christopher Download Report
11/01/2002 A regression approach to estimating the average number of persons per household Smith, Stanley K.; Nogel, June; Cody, Scott Download Report
10/08/2002 Consumer Sentiment In Ghana And Its Implications For Survey-Based Economic Indicators in Africa McCarty, Christopher; Attafuah, John Download Report
01/01/2002 Structure in personal networks McCarty, Christopher Download Report
03/01/2001 Comparing two methods for estimating network size Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; McCarty, Christopher; Johnsen, Eugene C. Download Report
01/01/1998 In defense of the net migrant Smith, Stanley K.; Swanson, David A. Download Report
01/01/1997 Eliciting representative samples of personal networks McCarty, Christopher; Killworth, Peter D.; Bernard, H. Russel; Johnsen, Eugene; Shelly, Gene A. Download Report
01/01/1997 Further thoughts on simplicity and complexity in population projection models Smith, Stanley K. Download Report
01/01/1997 An experimental methodology for estimating Hispanic residents for states and counties Smith, Stanley K.; Nogle, June M. Download Report
12/01/1996 Demography of disaster: Population estimates after Hurricane Andrew Smith, Stanley K. Download Report
05/01/1996 Demographic effects of natural disasters: A case study of Hurricane Andrew Smith, Stanley K.; McCarty, Christopher Download Report
01/01/1996 The meaning of knowing as a network tie McCarty, Christopher Download Report